Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) is a chronic condition in which blood from the brain and spine is slowed or stopped in its attempt to flow back to the heart
Diagnosis With Precision
Examination of CCSVI using latest technologies
The Echo Colour Doppler (ECD) is a non invasive diagnostic instrument that detects the narrowing of veins draining blood from the Central Nervous System. With our advanced ECD equipment, the examination is carried out with an insignificant margin of error. More info
Evaluation and Treatment
Enhancing the endovascular treatment of patients
Evaluation is provided by qualified professionals who are responsible for carrying out the CCSVI treatment of patients. We are extremely proud of the world class CCSVI medical treatment we offer in our state of the art facilities. More info
Research into CCSVI
Research to expand awareness of CCSVI
Our purpose is to continue to promote collaboration and research into CCSVI. Our professionals are dedicated to expand awareness of CCSVI, increase availability of objective information about CCSVI, and foster collaborations to improve research into CCSVI. More info
Competitive Pricing
Low cost strategy for CCSVI treatment
Affordable CCSVI treatment package that includes the hospitalization in the top class Mediterraneo Hospital, consultations and treatment, nursing care, laboratory blood examinations, medicines and consumables. Our Medical Team provides the most comprehensive testing and treatment protocols. More info
We are extremely proud of the world class CCSVI medical treatment we offer in our state of the art facilities

Meet our team of highly trained professionals

We are a collaborative team of leading medical specialists, which include Angiologist, Neurologist, Interventional Neuroradiologist, Interventional Cardiologist, Anesthesiologist, Vascular surgeon and Haemotologist. Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive diagnostics and the necessary treatment for patients with CCSVI pathologies.

Dr. Tsamopoulos Nikolaos Interventional Neuroradiology CCSVI

Nikolaos G. Tsamopoulos MD
Interventional Neuroradiology

Dr. Liasis Nikolaos Medical Director Euromedic Greece CCSVI

Nikolaos E. Liasis MD
Medical Director
Euromedic Greece

Dr. Takis Konstantinos Director Neurology Department CCSVI

Konstantinos Takis MD
Neurology Department

Dr. Manginas Athanasios Director Interventional Cardiology CCSVI

Athanasios Manginas MD
Interventional Cardiology

Mediteranneo Hospital TEMOS Certified Member

TEMOS Quality in Medical Care

Hospitals Quality in International Patient Care
Mediteranneo Hospital

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Why choose our clinic?
CCSVI Athens is managed by healthcare professionals who are committed to providing the upmost services that meet the current needs during this time of uncertainty and new hope.

Our priority is to make sure that all patients seeking treatment will have access to the highest and safest possible quality of healthcare in any interaction with our medical service. Our group has sought out the best options for patients by affiliating with exceptional clinical and medical professionals and institutions.

Mediteranneo Hospital is a TEMOS Certified Member following extensive evaluation of its international medical services, emergency rooms and intensive care facilities.

Patient safety is our highest priority. It guides our entire philosophy and is linked with every healthcare activity we undertake.